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Many thanks to Otakon for allowing my press outlet, Burst Method, to cover such a great convention. In case you missed our previous posts, you can follow these links to see:

Coverage of the ALTIMA concert:

Coverage of the Yoshiki concert:

Cosplay photos:

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Otakon 2014 - Yoshiki, founder of X Japan, performed a concert on Sunday showcasing some of the pieces from this latest classical album “Yoshiki Classical”. The album includes such highlights as Forever Love, the Golden Globe Themes, Seize The Light, Amethyst (the first orchestral piece he ever composed), and more. The album, available on iTunes, is a must-have for classical and non-classical fans alike. The pieces are intricately written and express an eclectic multitude of emotions.

During his performance of Art of Life, Heath and Pata of X Japan came out to play alongside him on stage to promote the upcoming X Japan show at Madison Square Garden in New York City! The audience roared with applause and cheers of delight as the two members came on stage. I had seen Yoshiki perform on stage only once before and to see him perform again was an honor. Yoshiki plays with a grace and passion that is truly a treat to see. 


  • Forever Love
  • Anniversary
  • HERO
  • Tears
  • Swan Lake
  • Without You
  • Kurenai
  • Art of Life
  • Endless Love
  • Say Anything

Follow this link to see photos of Yoshiki’s concert:

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Otakon 2014 - Friday I had the pleasure of seeing ALTIMA, a Japanese pop band, perform on stage. They’re a three-member band consisting of MOTSU, previously of m.o.v.e., as the rapper, Satoshi Yaginuma of FripSide as the sound producer and synthesizer player, and Maon Kurosaki as the vocalist. I first heard them while watching Strike The Blood; an anime in which their song “Fight 4 Real” was used as the second opening theme. 

I was very impressed with their energy and their interactions not only with the audience but with one another. It was a fantastic and fun experience. Here’s the set list if you’d like to see what songs they performed. Also, be sure to check out their debut album “TRYANGLE”! It’s available for download on the iTunes music store. 


M1. I’ll believe

M2. Fight 4 Real

MC (挨拶)

M3. Mission Dispatch


M5. Backfire


M6. Walk this way (ギター)

M7. I Love Rock’n roll

MC (motsu short MC)

M8. Here We Are (ギター)

M9. Indefinitley




EN. Burst The Gravity

See more ALTIMA concert photos here:

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Check out our interview with The Protomen at Vans Warped Tour! 

In this interview The Protomen tell us about what it was like performing with Tenacious D, their Australia tour, why they chose to record “Act 1: The Protomen” with analog versus digital production techniques, what it was like working with Meat Loaf producer Alan Shacklock for “Act 2: The Father of Death”, and more! 

The Protomen Concert Photos:

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