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In this interview, Lolita Dark tells Burst Method about their latest album “Queen’s Decade”, their artist showcase “Tokyo Status”, and performs an exclusive acoustic version of “Anotokiwa Mada” from their latest album! 

Interviewer: Tina Truong
Camera: David Weaver
OP Theme: Johnny Benson (

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This past weekend, we had the pleasure of not only covering but also interviewing Alice Anna (previously The Secret State) during their Alice Anna Reunion Show at The 8x10 in Baltimore, Maryland! 

One of the things I absolutely love about Alice Anna is just how sincerely passionate they are about what they do. Whether during the interview or on stage, you can tell that they honestly love what they do. This love they have for making music shines in not only their stage presence, how they sound, but also how they interact with the crowd. It was an utterly fantastic show.

Alice Anna was one of the first bands I shot when I started getting into concert photography. To be able to interview them was, for me, an honor. I hope that you all enjoy the interview and the photos. 

Watch our interview with Alice Anna here:

Follow this link to see more Alice Anna photos:

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The musical performances at Katsucon this year were nothing short of awesome. Trifecta, a band consisting of DJ Jesse James Felice and violinist, Johnny Benson put on a great halftime show for the masquerade. They played a remix of Ghost In The Shell and Doctor Who with VA Mary Elizabeth McGlynn doing a voiceover as The Major (Ghost In The Shell) as she narrated an adventure she went on with The Doctor.

Lolita Dark, who was kind enough to sit down with an interview with us, put on a fantastic show. They passed out glowsticks to the audience and put on a highly energized show. They even did a cover of Guren no Yumiya by Linked Horizon (the OP for Attack on Titan) which immediately had the crowd roar in cheers. Definitely check them out!

Also, check out our interview with Lolita Dark!

Many thanks, once again, to the staff at Katsucon for having Burst Method as press this year. We’re looking forward to Katsucon 2015!

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